Personal Services

Email Management

Do you often feel overwhelmed with the amount of emails you receive and worry you might have missed something? When you are out and about in meetings and networking it can be hard to keep up. We can manage your inbox, flagging anything important and responding to frequently asked questions. We can also delete the things you don’t need to see! For many clients this is a weight off their minds.

Appointment Making

You’re developing your staff, meeting with clients, growing your business – you don’t want to be stuck at your desk trying to set up meetings. We can take care of that for you, calling or emailing people back and getting that important appointment confirmed in the diary, making sure the opportunity isn’t lost.

Diary Management

There’s more to arranging meetings than just making the appointment. There are also room bookings to make, hotels to book, travel to arrange, paperwork to prepare. If you are meeting someone for the first time, we can also do some research on them for you. We’ll also make sure you have travel time booked in the diary, so you don’t run from one appointment to the other, and schedule in time for you to have some lunch! Whatever you need to make sure your day goes smoothly.

Travel Research and arrangements

Travel is a big part of any business owner’s day whether this is locally by car, nationally or even overseas travel. We can help prepare your itinerary, plan your journey and the best possible routes, research and book flights and/or hotels and book a restaurant so you don’t miss a meal when you arrive.

Meeting Preparation

You have that important meeting to attend and there’s preparation to be done. Whether it’s find out the stats on their company, preparing a presentation, researching the people who will be attending or planning the best way to get there and where you will park, we can help you get ready and make sure you’re prepared when you arrive.

Collating or preparing meeting papers

It can be very time-consuming preparing papers for meetings, whether that’s a performance review with one of the team, a board meeting or a conference you’re attending. We can help with preparing templates, collating information from team members, chasing outstanding data, drafting the report and emailing the packs to your members.

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